Mission, Vision, & The Team

To Inspire And Empower

Celebrating 20 years of service, the Chaka Khan Foundation was founded in 1999 with the mission to assist at-risk women and children. Driven by a desire to help those who are challenged with autism, the Chaka Khan Foundation was co-founded by Chaka Khan and her sister Tammy McCrary when McCrary’s son Tallon was diagnosed with autism. Through its initiatives supporting autism the Chaka Khan Foundation raised $1.4 million in aid of autism awareness and research and in 2011 supported joint lobbying efforts with the non profit Colored My Mind, The National Black Caucus of State Legislators and The National Hispanic Caucus of State legislators to reauthorize the Combatting Autism Act of 2006, resulting in the U.S. federal government committing to provide in excess of $3 billion for autism research and other services.

In addition its autism initiatives, the Chaka Khan Foundation empowers those who face obstacles due to poverty and their environment through providing support and tools to live their fullest life.


The Chaka Khan Foundation educates, inspires and empowers those who are under served to achieve their full potential.

Serving the underserved


We envision that through our mission we will help those who are under served, either through poverty or through health challenges like autism, the ability to to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their dreams.

Serving the underserved


Chaka Believes Program
The Chaka Believes Program educates, inspires and empowers Los Angeles children who otherwise would have fallen through the cracks.